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Chinese Community Center, Inc
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This page provides information of the services CCBA provides to the residents in the Greater New York area.


Services provided by CCBA

Since the establishment in 1883, CCBA has been providing service to the Chinese-American residents living in the Greater New York Area.  In the early year, most of the residents lived in the Chinatown area.  The early Chinese immigrant residents had poor English skills and their traditional Chinese living style, many issues and problems are solved inside Chinatown in its own way.

CCBA acted as the City Hall of Chinatown at that time, and that is why the President of CCBA was always referred as the unofficial "Mayor of Chinatown".  CCBA had the persuasiveness to judge the right and wrong in daily lives and businesses.

Until today, CCBA continues to provide services mainly in educational area.  Two of its component, the New York Chinese School and the Chinatown Daycare Center provides educational services to children, focusing on teaching the Chinese language and culture.  New York Chinese School is still the largest Chinese School system in the Eastern USA.



Adult English Classes

Adult English Classes

CCBA Adult English Language Division provides low cost English lessons to new immigrants and adult over 18 years old.  Please call (212) 226-6764 for more information.


Free Service provided by volunteers